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Origin of Easter: A Journey Through Time

Have you ever wondered how the Easter tradition began? This article will take you on a fascinating journey to discover the origin of Easter. From its ancient roots to today's colorful traditions, I promise you'll find interesting surprises every step of the way.

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Origins of Easter: beyond the obvious

Easter, also known as Easter Sunday in Christianity, has its roots in a mix of traditions and cultures. Did you know that Easter was originally a pagan celebration? In ancient times, the end of winter and the arrival of spring were celebrated. Ancient people viewed this time as a rebirth of the earth.

Easter through the centuries: evolution and traditions

Like everything, over time, Easter changed its origins and transformed, especially with the arrival of Christianity. At the origin of Easter, Christians began to celebrate this day in honor of the resurrection of Jesus. But did you know that many of the pagan traditions were kept? It's fascinating to see how cultures mix and change over time.

Easter symbolism: eggs, rabbits and more

Easter has many symbols that we all know and love. But what is its meaning?

  • The Easter Egg : The egg is a symbol of fertility and renewal. Easter eggs are usually painted and decorated.

Painter's Chocolate Easter Egg

  • The Easter Bunny - The rabbit is a symbol of fertility and abundance. The Easter Bunny is believed to hide Easter eggs around the house.

Easter white chocolate rabbit

  • Chocolate monas : in some provinces of Spain they make chocolate monas. The exact origin and symbology are not known.

Barça Easter Mona

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