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Discover Our Exquisite Wafers and Neulas

In this collection you will find wafers and neulas, where tradition meets innovation to delight your palate. Our crispy and delicately rolled wafers are the perfect complement to your moments of relaxation or celebration.

Neulas: The Crunchy Pleasure

Neulas are more than just a sweet; They are a unique experience that takes traditional pastries to new levels of excellence. Made with the highest quality ingredients, each artisanal neula is an explosion of authentic flavors. Available in a variety of flavors, from classic to innovative combinations with chocolate, perfect to accompany your morning coffee.

Explore our collection today and discover why our wafers and neulas are the favorite choice for lovers of traditional and gourmet sweets. Your next delight awaits you!

Now also Chocolate Wafers

Ourchocolate wafersThey represent the perfect fusion between the traditional crunchy texture of wafers and the richness of premium chocolate. Whether you are more into dark chocolate or white chocolate, you will have your chocolate wafers.

Frequently asked questions about our neulas

What are wafers and neulas made of?

Our wafers and neulas are made with high quality ingredients, including chocolate. We are proud to use traditional recipes that stand out for their authentic flavor and unmatched texture.

Can the wafers be shipped?

Even though it is a very delicate product, we are prepared to offer the shipping service for artisanal wafers to your address.

Can I eat neulas if I am diabetic?

Now you can enjoy sugar-free neulas and continue enjoying Christmas meals as always.

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