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Discover the best panellets in Barcelona to celebrate the chestnut tree

Panellets are a traditional delicacy that cannot be missing from any table during the chestnut feast. At Bombonería Pons we offer an unmatched selection of panellets, made with the highest quality ingredients and a passion for keeping this sweet tradition alive.

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For those looking to purchase panellets, our collection offers a variety of flavors and presentations. From pine nut classics to innovative creations with unique flavors, each unit is a testament to our dedication to excellence and tradition.

Features of our Panellets

Our panellets stand out for:

Handcrafted:The entire production process is done in our workshop by hand.

Quality ingredients: We use only the best ingredients, ensuring authentic flavors and perfect textures.

Variety of flavors: Our range includes everything from traditional almond and pine nuts to unique innovations for adventurous palates.

Guaranteed freshness: We are committed to offering the product prepared shortly before delivery or purchase in store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I place an order for custom panellets?

Yes, we offer customization options for special events. Contact us for more details.

How should I preserve the panellets to maintain their freshness?

We recommend storing them in a cool, dry place, consuming them within the first few days to enjoy their best flavor.

Do you ship panellets to your home?

Yes, we deliver to your home so you can enjoy the product without having to leave home.

Do you have sugar-free panellet options? 

We have a selection of sugar-free panellets suitable for different dietary needs. Please check our products section or contact us for more information.

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