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Mantecados - Bag 6 units

Of limited handmade production, we present the most awarded mantecado, the oldest registered in the Spanish patent and trademark office. These jealously guard the artisan tradition that for centuries has made them an exquisite and select sweet, recognized by the most demanding tastes.

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We recommend keeping the chocolates in a cool (16ºC) and dry place, away from direct heat sources. A cellar, a wine cellar or the refrigerator drawer are possible solutions, as long as you leave the products in their original packaging or tightly closed. It is important to remember that sudden changes in temperature are a negative factor that we must avoid, as far as possible. Keep in mind that the chocolates must be taken out of the refrigerator with their respective packaging, about two hours before they are going to be enjoyed (20ºC), this helps their flavors to develop. Accompany the chocolates with mineral water so that the flavors express themselves. Our sales advisors can provide you with information about the tasting when you place the order.

Additional Information

We invite you to sit in your favorite armchair, unwrap one of those mantecados, pinch a small piece between your fingers and put it in your mouth. Then you will notice on your palate the soft and unmistakable flavor that makes this sweet one of the most exquisite bites.

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