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Welcome to the essence of the Christmas tradition with our select category of traditional nougat, where each piece is an invitation to travel through the flavors and aromas that have defined these festivities for generations. Our online store is a tribute to the classic nougat, offering the most demanding palates a unique opportunity to experience the authenticity and legacy of the most emblematic nougats.

Traditional nougat: A journey to authentic flavors

Discover the richness of traditional nougat, made with recipes that have been carefully preserved and handed down over the years. From the crunchy Alicante nougat to the soft and honeyed Jijona nougat, each variety represents the purity of the ingredients and the passion of the master nougat makers.

The legacy of classic nougat

Our classic nougat collection is an ode to artisanal methods and the highest quality ingredients. Select almonds, pure honey, and unparalleled dedication are the pillars on which each piece of our nougat is built, ensuring an unmatched sensory experience.

Why choose our traditional nougats?

In our commitment to preserving the authenticity and quality of traditional nougat, we offer an exclusive selection that captures the essence and flavor of classic Spanish recipes. Each nougat in our collection has been made with passion, dedication and a deep respect for the traditions that define this delicious work of culinary art. Here we present three of our most precious specialties:

Jijona nougat: Softness and Tradition in Every Bite. Jijona Turrón is the definition of softness and richness. Made from finely ground Marcona almonds and mixed with high-quality honey, this nougat is distinguished by its honeyed texture and sweetly complex flavor. Our Jijona Turrón is a tribute to tradition, produced according to ancestral methods that guarantee incomparable authenticity.

Alicante nougat: A crunchy classic. Our Alicante Nougat is synonymous with tradition and quality. Also known as hard nougat, this classic is characterized by its crunchy texture, the result of the perfect combination of whole toasted almonds and pure honey, consolidated in a firm dough and enriched with egg whites. Each piece is a tribute to Alicante's culinary heritage, offering a satisfying crunch in every bite.

Burnt Yolk Nougat: Innovative sweetness. Burnt Yolk Turrón is a delicious variation that combines the traditional nougat base with a layer of caramelized egg yolk. This innovative addition gives it a depth of flavor and a unique texture that seduces both nougat purists and those in search of new gastronomic experiences. Its perfect balance between the richness of the nougat and the slightly burnt touch of the yolk makes it a favorite option for lovers of intense flavors.

Discover the Original Nougat: An Unmatched Flavor

For those looking for the authentic taste of the original nougat, our category offers an unprecedented variety of nougats that capture the essence of Christmas. Every bite is a promise of quality, tradition, and satisfaction.

We invite our customers to explore this category dedicated to traditional nougat, classic nougat, and original nougat, and let themselves be carried away by the magic of these artisanal delights. Whether to share with the family, as a special gift, or simply to enjoy a personal pleasure, our nougats are the perfect complement to any celebration.

Discover the tradition, feel the innovation and celebrate the quality with each nougat that we select especially for you. Welcome to a world where the past and the present merge to offer you the best of traditional nougat.

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